Flexible Magnet

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Solvent Print Media

OYAMA Flexible Magnet

Surface :Gloss White 

15M x 1220MM (0.5MM)

10M x 48" (0.8MM)


  •  It is made of rubber magnet with PET on the non-magnetic side.
  •  There is printing coating on the PET surface, which is white gloss finish.
  •  It could be solvent, eco-solvent, UV ink digital printing and latex printing.
  •  It can be easily folded and twisted without damaging the magnetic property of the magnet.
  •  It also has excellent machinability and can be easily drilled, punched, scissor cut, knives cut and die cut.
  •  This type of magnet has the best flexibility characteristics of any permanent magnetic materials.

Features & Application:

  •  Fridge Magnet.
  •  Magnetic Car Sign.
  •  Shelf/File Labels.
  •  Signage.
  •  Manu Boards.
  •  Stationary.
  •  Educational aids.
  •  Games/Toys.
  •  Business Card .
  •  POP display, and many moreā€¦