Double Side Tissue Tape

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Adhesive Tapes

OYAMA 1700 Double Side Tissue Tape

OYAMA 1700 Double Side Tissue Tape

Lenth: 45M

Width: 6mm   12mm  18mm  24mm  48mm  1050mm

Double-sided tape is any pressure-sensitive tape that is coated with adhesive on both sides. It is designed to stick two surfaces together, often in a way which is not visible in the end product, due to it being in between the objects rather than overlaying them. This allows for neater-looking projects and better craftsmanship.

OYAMA 1700 Double Side Tissue Tape uses the similar grade of Japanese high temperature resistant adhesive. It is designd specially for electronic industry and that focus on high quality target. It can also for die cutting.

OYAMA 1700 Double Side is approved by UL. It is excellent for long-term temperature resistant application. This tape also can be processed as middle layer like PET.