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About Us

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Teck Seng Enterprises (21) Private Limited, a subsidiary of Teck Seng Group, is an industry-leading importer, exporter and wholesaler that specializes in self-adhesive products for over four decades since 1973 in Singapore.

We offer a one-stop solution to meet all your needs of industrial tapes, colourful stickers and quality display systems. At present, we are carrying an inventory of self-adhesive films worth over $S3 million, with brands including OYAMA, AVERY, ORACAL, ASLAN and more. Also, our company is the largest licensing agency for ORACAL, ASLAN and AVERY in Southeast Asia. Our company has three warehouses (respectively located in Kaki Bukit Rd3, Kaki Bukit Rd3 and Upper Thomson Road) with a total area of over 40000 sq.ft. We directly purchase a large volume of products from manufacturers all over the world, deposit them into the warehouses, and manage with ERP software, which is convenient for our customer service staffs to quickly check inventory. The production department can process the material size according to the special requirements of customers. The cargo division delivers dozens of orders per day. Our business has already expanded to the entire Asia.

Teck Seng Group has a history of more than 6 decades. It has another branch called Teck Seng Cycle Pte Ltd, which is engaged in the import and export of bicycles and bicycle share parts.

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2019, Singapore SME 1000 Company


2018, Singapore SME 1000 Company

http://teckseng.com.sg//image/catalog/About Us/cert.png
http://teckseng.com.sg//image/catalog/About Us/cert.png

Nov. 2016, Chairman Li Hongxin won “China Cai Lyun Award - Award for Excellent Entrepreneurs”

Jan. 2016, Sun Paper won “Shandong Private Enterprise Award for Outstanding Social Contributions”


June 2015, ChairmanLi Hongxin was titled “RISI’s Asian CEO of the Year” for the third time, the first one in the industry to win it three times since the award was established.

http://teckseng.com.sg//image/catalog/About Us/cert.png
http://teckseng.com.sg//image/catalog/About Us/cert.png

2014, Shandong Corporate Management Award


2012, 11th of top 100 light industry enterprises in China

http://teckseng.com.sg//image/catalog/About Us/cert.png
http://teckseng.com.sg//image/catalog/About Us/cert.png

2010, Li Hongxin was titled “RISI’s Asian CEO of the Year”

2010, National Papermaking Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relations

2010, Shandong Top 10 Demonstration Enterprises for Low-carbon Economy and Environmental Protection


2009, China Cai Lun Award - Top 10 Leading Enterprises

http://teckseng.com.sg//image/catalog/About Us/cert.png